Apple Music

Absolutely love it so far. The best bits of Beats Music in a shiny new package. The playlist curation is top notch - I love the Intro To and Deep Cuts playlists they’ve done for a lot of artists. A bit of confusion about why albums weren’t showing in My Music after hitting the + toggle (turns out there’s a switch hidden in My Music for offline-only). Haven’t checked out Beats 1 yet.


Beats1 is pretty good so far - have to say I am enjoying the playlist curation also.
I feel that they’ve done a great job of adding loads of extra functionality without adding much additional complexity to the interface.

Has anyone tried out the streaming? Does it really let you stream pretty much anything from the iTunes library, even including stuff that you don’t own?

I’d try it out for myself, but it doesn’t look as though Apple has made the new iOS 9 build available yet.

Not sure what you mean Benny - you mean stuff you own and have uploaded, that isn’t included in Apple Music?

Love this! I wasn’t a subscriber to Spotify but I’ll definitely be subscribing to this. I’m listening to Beats 1 right now and it’s definitely my taste so I’m happy with that too. Zane Lowe was great this morning!

One thing I’ve found is the like button (the heart) doesn’t show up in the mini player so to train Apple Music in your taste you have to have the full iTunes window open…unless anybody knows another way to like songs.

Edit: Loving a song seems to work fine on normal music, just not on Beats 1. For me, Beats 1 loves get stuck and carry through to all songs plus I can’t love from the mini player. On normal music those issues aren’t there.

Nah, stuff that’s available on iTunes that you can “add to your iTunes library” to stream as per points seven and eight here:

Ugh, it certainly messes up the My Music section when you go creating playlists. I think I’ll be downloading the albums I like and only showing music available offline else this thing is going to make a mess.

The curated stuff is great. Also Connect, which I thought would be the least useful to me, has been awesome and made it all worthwhile so far just with the rare and random content Trent Reznor has been posting!

Yeah, it’s not iTunes Match - it’s full streaming (and offline syncing) of anything in the library. I haven’t played with iTunes much, but it seems to be the same thing - you can stream or download.

They’ve got to sort the playlists out, they’re what make Spotify so good.

Right now, if you create a playlist it adds all the songs to your music library rather than just stream them from the store as you play. I don’t want my 500 song playlist to result in 500 new albums under “My Music” - that’s shitty.

I also tried importing an iTunes compatible playlist file and it will only match the songs already in my library. It doesn’t search Apple Music to fill in the gaps.

Apple Music also needs to introduce collaborative playlists. The best thing about Spotify is you can publically share your playlist, and they are searchable within Spotify too so you stumble across some awesome ones.

GTA V Playlists on Apple Music

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Ha ha I’m probably revealing my old fartness but I’ve listened to Beats1 five or six times, for about 10 seconds each before thinking “Ugh, is this what the kids are listening to these days?!”. Glad to hear there are people enjoying it though.

I think I’m going to stick with iTunes Match once the free Apple Music subscription runs out.

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7eah have to agree about beats1, I actually enjoy listening to it from time to time…actually a factor for me not going to Spotify. A nothing thing is that you need family pack to listen on more than 1 device at same time.

Cancelled my subscription a couple days ago as I simply wasn’t using it enough to justify the cost. Most of the time I only had it on in the morning whilst getting ready.

Picked up a Spotify 90 day subscription for 99 cents, so will use that and probably cancel it in February.

Really need to figure out when the shows I like are on. I’ve managed to tune in when Eric Prydz and A-trak are on but honestly, the number of times I’ve heard that stupid Drake call me in my telephone song on Beats 1 is enough to drive someone psychotic.

It’s the Pharrell - Happy of 2015.

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I agree. I don’t understand the music kids listen to these days.

For You has found a few gold mines though, and I’d easily spend the subscription cost for music in the ITunes Store on music each month (I love music, I’ve played music since I was a kid, just not popular music) so it works out well for me.

You can listen to the full shows without having to remember when they’re on. They’re under ‘featured shows’ in the Beats1 tab. That’s how I listen to St Vincent’s Mixtape Delivery Service and Josh Homme’s Alligator Hour without having to delve through the rest of the rubbish.

They’ve limited that ability to paying subscribers now though haven’t they?


Apple Music will not count towards your data charges from Tuesday 23rd August onwards for Telstra customers! This makes it so much more appealing for me