Apple Posts 25% Profit Margin Q3 2023


Apparently Apple made $20b profit with $80b turnover… 25%.

But they can’t afford to lower their product prices… or give more to content producers…

For the record, 25% is an incredibly high rate… most businesses operate at around 10-15%.


I’d go further and say “and many operate at as little as 5% to 10%”.

Yes… When I made the above comment I was debating what to put. :slight_smile: I read a few articles… and there’s a lot of different factors at play. I was going to try to compare Apple’s results with CBA, as probably one of Australia’s biggest companies (?), but couldn’t find easy to read figures.

I just think it’s pretty much a sign of the toxic capitalism that’s gripping the world right now. Making a profit isn’t enough, especially at the high end of town. They want maximum profits, minimum everything else.

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I wonder how many other “tech” companies are making profits as big as Apple. Or other companies in general really?

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After above…

CBA doing very well for themselves… Not sure they have ever NOT done well for themselves…

I’m not sure about other tech co’s @richard - would be an interesting comparison. I’m sure I’ve read that Apple is supposedly doing very well as far as computer sales go - one of the few companies still showing an increase whilst the PC makers are in decline… (Ok - I don’t recall how long ago I heard that - could have been anywhere in the past 2 years :slight_smile: )

When profits for organised religion started to decline, the heads of those institutions set out to spread the word of God to the heathens (ie sent missionaries to convert people) - and thus grow their market share. As developing nations continue to grow, I’m sure whilst Apple must be starting to tap out in some countries - they no doubt have new developing markets to conquer…

I think that’s all down to the Apple Silicon move. There is once again a distinguishable difference between Macs & “PC’s”. The Apple Silicon Macs are really good value. Macs had a reputation for a long time for holding their value but the second hand market has crashed now because so many people are buying the new ones. It has come back to bite them a bit also, for example, because I believe that the 13" M2 MacBook Air sales are lower that expected just because the M1 version was so good. I guess after nearly 3 years they would also have to be saving a bit by not having to buy their processors from a 3rd party.

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