AppleCare for new Mac Studio

Is it worth getting AppleCare for my new (refurb) Mac Studio?

Just wondering what everyone thinks…

In the olden days, I would say “AppleCare is never worth it” but in these days of “everything is a silicon slab,” I would say it probably is. Because almost certainly if something breaks, it’s not going to be fixed or replaced on your unit–you’ll be handed a new unit. Or you’ll have to pay for one.


I’d say - just argue with them if something goes wrong, but that doesn’t actually work in reality… and my magic card to getting my eMac repaired was Steve’s email, but he’s long dead…

Things have changed for the worse in that regard. I went all in with Apple with the switch to Intel, and they already had my G4, Performa, and Apple II-e (when I was but an elementary school student) on file. I got the same service in Japan and the US, and I rarely paid much or anything even without AppleCare and out of warranty. I’d say that changed around 2013 or so, seemingly coinciding with the Retina displays. After that, Apple stopped caring about who I was and no one referred to my near lifetime history with the brand. Steve passing definitely had something to do it with, but I think also Apple figuring out they could just print money with the average consumer killed that kind of attention to the loyal customer base.

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