Apple's September Event 16/09/2020 (3amAEST)

An event has now been announced for the 16th, well 16th our time anyway.

Plenty of articles around too:


did anyone else learn the word hashflag in the past 24 hours?

hashflags are the emojis that get added to twitter hashtags. I think this website below was one of the first sources of proof that there was to be an event.

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I learnt that in the last 24 seconds???

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Just now. I did see that around when it first appeared before the event was officially announced but I had no idea that’s what they’re called

Did anyone else notice the title… 16th of the SIXTH? I’m sure it was meant to be 16/9. I guess I can be a bit pedantic. LOL

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So new Apple Watch and iPhone…

I’m in!

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USB C please.

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Seems unlikely they’ll announce new iPhones, especially given the title of the event.

Gruber says another event in October for that.

So who’s in the market for new hardware? Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, Air Tags, Apple TV, “AirPods Studio” … depending what actually gets announced.

I’m definitely getting an iPhone 12 Max (6.1") this year and could be tempted by Air Tags and Apple-branded over-ear headphones.

Not me, I don’t think. I upgraded to the 11 Pro last year and I think as I get older (hahaha!), i’m pretty content with my gadgets rather than upgrading each year. Hoping to buy my own place soon and then maybe i’ll reward myself with an Apple TV :laughing:


I kind of have to get a new iPhone because my XS is leased from Telstra and my contract runs out in November at which point I give the phone back to them. So I’m keen to get one of the new 6.1" iPhones, I just wish Telstra did not discontinue their lease contracts.

I’m now wishing I had waited for the 12 to come. I need a smaller phone (dimensionally) but a larger screen than I have. and my SE has a stuffed up charging port (Genius bar monday morning). I’m back on the iPhone 7.

Were you not aware of the rumours of a 5.4” (non-SE) iPhone?

Maybe refers to series 6 Watch?

Looking for a new iPhone. Still using an 8 Plus and it is showing its age. Looking forward to a physically smaller handset with a larger screen.

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For those contemplating upgrading from an iPhone 7 or 8, I remember when I did and the two unknowns for me were Face ID and the notch. While I did love Touch ID, the transition to Face ID was pretty seamless. Well, it was until Covid and face masks, now it’s an absolute pain having to enter my passcode 20+ times every day. It’s a no-brainer that under-the-surface Touch ID needs to become the norm in coming years. The notch is still rather ridiculous given its massive size and I’m sure it will eventually get smaller or go altogether.

But you can’t beat having the biggest possible screen size with the physical dimensions that are to your personal preference, be it closer to 5", 6" or 7" diagonally. Another thing that might be of interest is the ability to have a second line thanks to the eSIM.

You know you can set an alternative appearance with FaceID?

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I can see that working if you use the same type of mask all the time (eg surgical) but I have an assortment of reusable masks of different sizes, shapes, patterns and designs.

I will try it… but I’m not hopeful.

I would like to upgrade my iPhone Xr (to a 12 not an 11 depending upon price) and I would like to upgrade my 2018 9.7" iPad as well. I don’t think we’ll see new phones this time around but I’m hopeful for upgraded iPads.

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There have been rumours that iPhones will be mentioned and rumours that they won’t. I’m guessing that they won’t, that will come in an October event.

Unfortunately that doesn’t work, when you try to set it up with a mask on it says “remove whatever is obscuring your face”