Apple's transition from Lightning to USB-C connectors

So we are coming to that time again when Apple transitions to a new connector. In 2022, I doubt anyone misses the 30-pin connector that was last used on the iPod Touch 4th Gen (2010), iPhone 4S (2011) and iPad 3rd Gen (2012).

Apple products that are yet to transition to USB-C include all iPhones, all AirPods cases, the iPad, Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock, MagSafe Battery Pack, MagSafe Duo Charger, Magic Mouse 2, Magic Trackpad 2, Magic Keyboard and the Apple TV Siri Remote.

What are people’s thoughts about moving away from Lightning? Suggestions that the 2022 iPad will move to USB-C, and iPhones will probably follow suit by 2024 at the latest. I have an iPhone XS (2018) and each year recently I have held off upgrading for one reason or another. I’m in two minds now whether I want to buy another iPhone that does not have USB-C. I would also like to buy a MagSafe Battery Pack so I can finally say goodbye to my Jackery USB-A to lightning power bank that I carry with me.

Just my opinion but whether an iPhone had USB-C or not would be one of the last considerations I would have about upgrading…


Personally I think it should have happened years ago. When they removed the headphone connector on the iPhone 7 is when they should have gone to USB-C and had USB-C headphones instead of the insane lighting headphone solution.

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I’m really curious whether they will comply with the EU legislation by making EU only devices… and keep using lightning elsewhere, as a big “fuck you” - not least being, I am sure a lot of US folk would see this as an attack on America… (but maybe I’ve just been fielding too many stupid claims by Americans over gun control lately to be able to picture the much more plentiful, sane and rational Americans…)