Are AirPod Accessories Worth It?

Has anyone here bought any accessories for their AirPods?

The things I’m interested in are the ear straps, connecting cables, and kits that are all over Amazon. Thoughts?

Are these satisfactory? The reviews seem mixed.


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What are you trying to improve/fix?

My wife got me one of those little leather cases for the AirPods charging case. It’s a nice enough pleather, decent design with all the ports available and if I was clipping it onto something would be great with its built in carabeena… except I keep them in my suit pants pocket most of the time so the case adds uncessary bulk. It’s also staining the white case, something I haven’t tried to clean off yet.

As for ear straps, not something I have had a need for, never had them fall out or need holding otherwise.

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I’m having issues with battery life. I’ve owned them now for ~18 months and I’ve observed a noticeable degradation in the battery life.