My trusty ol’ backpack is starting to show some severe signs of ageing - couple of seams are splitting. Mind you, I’ve had the same Thule bag for a solid 4 years and it’s been everywhere.

I’m looking for something that’s big enough to hold my 16" MacBook Pro, a 10" iPad Pro, MagSafe charger, a small collection of cables and hard-drives.

There doesn’t appear to be as many places as what I remember there being in Perth that stock decent bags so I can go have a look/touch.

What are you guys using to keep your MacBook Pro’s safe on the go?

My Macpac Kestrel was retired after 15 years of daily use. I bought a Macpac Rāpaki 22L Backpack to replace it. Not a lot of use yet but I think it would suit your needs. It has a laptop sleeve, a large front pocket and other useful features. Video at

I use one from the LTT Store. Expensive, but it’s been good to use so far. Replaced my 10 year old Lenovo bag that was starting to fail.
Definitely lots of storage space. Was essentially designed to be a tech persons backpack. You can check out the reviews on the site. There is also some video reviews floating around YouTube.