Best photshop substitute?

I don’t need a complicated photo editor/web publisher, and have been reading enough on-line to confuse me. From what I’ve read it seems of the free programs Photopea might suit me. ( Must be idiot-proof). There seem to be quite a few tutorials available on it.

It freaks me out a bit, but so many voice-overs on tutorials insist on calling the program ‘Photo-pea’ but I think the developers must have meant it to be pronounced ‘Photo-pia.’ Regardless, does anyone have an opinion? Photopea, Gimp, Krita?

Any advice appreciated.

What camera are you using? Are you shooting RAW files or just JPEGs?

Gimp is quite powerful but just about the most user unfriendly program I’ve ever come across.

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Thank you for the prompt replies, Richard and Geoff.

JPEGs, Richard.

I did download Gimp a few years ago and I don’t know if something went wrong with the D/L but what seemed like dozens of palettes and other bits and pieces spewed all over the Desktop simultaneously, without any apparent order. As I am not familiar with such programs I didn’t know where to start or how to do anything with it. I eventually removed it.

That’s why the simple tutorials available on line for Photopea encouraged me to think that might be a better fit for me.

Thanks for the opinion on Gimp, Geoff. I need to concentrate on the content, not the process. I’ll have a go at Photopea.

Client-supplied JPEGs, Richard. May do something with my own photos, currently iPhone, eventually may get a ‘real’ camera again.

I don’t really know anything about Gimp or Photopea. I have been using Photoshop since version 4!

If I was you, I’d try seeing if the Apple photos app meets your needs. It has a lot more powerful editing tools now. Anyway, just a suggestion.

Thanks Richard

I was an early Adopter of Affinity Photo (Designer, and Publisher). Do very little with photo’s. Pricing was very much more reasonable.

The second versions have recently come out.

Pixelmator Pro gets very enthusiastic reviews. I have a copy, but haven’t used it for a long time, so can’t really comment on recent versions. It’s $80AU and has good AppStore ratings.

They have just released Photomator for the Mac.
It seems to be focused on photo editing whilst Pixelmator Pro is focused on general image editing.

I have used their products on the Mac and iPad and been really pleased with the results.

If you have been using Photoshop, you might like Acorn. It’s heaps cheaper than most and you only need to buy once, you get all the incremental updates for $0. You need to pay for major updates, though. I’m still on Acorn 6 (can’t update the OS, computers too old) and I’ve been using that, of late, having been disappointed with the Skylum offerings

Thank you very much for the new replies since my last visit.
Lots to consider. Thanks again.