Bluetooth speaker advice

I’m seeking advice on buying a bluetooth speaker(s). The speaker in my MacBook Pro, (mid 2012, OS 10.13.6) is damaged and sounds terrible through connected external speakers as they amplify the static and crackles while muffling the dialogue. Even when it was working properly the sound was almost non-existent on some videos.

I just want to be able to hear clear dialogue on uTube tutorial videos; I’m not listening to opera.

Could someone recommend an inexpensive, plain speaker or speakers, please. I see there are several options but I don’t understand what I need and every article I’ve read confuses me further.

  1. Do I need a pair, or is one OK?
  2. Do they get their power from 220v or a rechargeable battery? I don’t need portability but it would be a bonus for working outside.
  3. What else do I need to consider?
  4. Siri and Alexa etc. NOT welcome.

I’d sincerely appreciate some advice, please.

Thinking about this:

Any opinions? I like that it has mains power capability.

I don’t know why you don’t just get a homepod mini. You don’t have to use siri, do you? The link you provided is for an amplifier, not a speaker.

There’s a few frustrating things about using a HomePod mini as a Mac speaker. The first is that you always have to reconnect it if you’re booting from power off, or if it goes to sleep for too long, and the second is that it’s often out of sync with live video streams. Great though if the main thing you use your speaker for is Spotify and YouTube and you don’t mind manually connecting it almost every time you jump on the computer.

Edit: Hmm… on reflection, isn’t that basically the same with bluetooth speakers too?

Thanks kyte and frankie. By now everyone should have figured out I dunno much about bluetooth! I put ‘bluetooth speakers’ into JayCar’s search bar and that came up among the options. I was attracted to the mains capability. At the store I was informed it was an amp not a bluetooth speaker and taken to the right shelf and listened to some helpful advice.
I bought a Digitech Audio Mini Waterproof 360∘ Speaker with Bluetooth Tech. XC-5236 which I’m about to try out. I don’t plan to take it swimming.
I don’t use Siri; she’s turned off on all my devices. Don’t have Alexa or any of her weird, snooping cousins either.

Thanks for replying.

This is a bit late seeing as you have already bought one. I bought the previous model to this Sony during the lockdown for Zoom activities. It works a treat. I just thought I would have my tuppence worth.

Thanks, Arky. The Digitech speaker is behaving very well.

If you want a challenge try to answer the question I’m going to ask soon about how upgrading to High Sierra made my Optus email accounts passwords have a hissy fit. It needs a separate thread and I’ve had enough of struggling with it today!

Thanks for your tuppence worth!