Bookmarks Toolbar icons gone afer FF update

This morning I updated FireFox to 115.0.1. The Bookmarks tool bar icons disappeared. I replaced two which promptly disappeared when I used the ‘Restore’ function again.

None shows, even after restarting. I’ve also searched through many websites, most of which suggest checking the ‘Show Bookmarks toolbar’ which just adds the blank space where the icons used to be. I’ve just re-added AppleTalk again.

Disc Utility/First Aid didn’t help either.

I had many sites bookmarked on the Toolbar, many from years ago, which I won’t remember, as some were seldom visited but important.

I’m reluctant to try to do it from the backup disc as I don’t see a clear explanation as to how to select just the FireFox Bookmarks.

Does anyone have any suggestions, please?

Are you using a Mac, an iPhone or an iPad?

Assuming you are using a Mac, can you access the bookmarks from the pull-down menus?

You could try exporting your bookmarks to create a backup, just so you can restore them once this problem is fixed.

Thanks Snarl, Unfortunately the only bookmarks in the Bookmarks Toolbar are those I’ve added since the disappearance of the original set. The regular bookmarks are still there.

It might be a good idea to do that before I do another update. I don’t know if that’s something I can select and pull out of a backup on the backup disc. I’ve never used it for anything other than a full back up after a hard drive replacement.