Changing Kids' AppleID email


As per many previous, I’ve had to update my email addresses, including those of my kids.

When I changed my Apple ID email address, it worked fine. But, when I tried to update my 10 year old son’s Apple ID address, it refused to let me change it. I can add the address to the account, but it wont let me delete the old address, in order to make the new address the primary one.

I’ve looked on Apple Community, and basically there’s just a whole heap of people scratching their heads with no answers about this problem.

Has anyone experienced this?

Because he’s only 10, I can’t even sign out of the account, nor can I remove him from the family without adding him to a different family!

I have no idea how I’m meant to do this…



Well - happy days - I managed to change the password using the appleID website.

I had tried that previously, so do not know why it suddenly worked this time, and not previously.

At the moment, when I look at Apple ID on my son’s iPad, it still says the old address, but when you go into the email setting, it says the new one… I don’t know if that might update “in time”… Will look tomorrow and see. But at least it appears to be updated now - when I look at my family on my iPhone, it shows correctly.

I literally had to do this for my sister yesterday. She got a new Mac but had her old email on her Apple ID, so of course I was all “while we’re here…”

Ended up having to add her new email account to her Apple ID, deleting the old one and then choosing the new email as her primary by typing it in on her phone.

Was so much easier to do ~5 years ago…

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