Comparing M* Mac mini models (RAM, etc)

For those of you who have had M1 and M2 Mac minis I was hoping you could share your experiences (I am keeping an eye out for a pre-loved machine). A Studio would be nice, though more $$ than I have and I have not been a power user for some time.

Are the differences between M1 and M2 that significant?
How well do they perform with 8GB RAM (16GB seem less common)?
Any external docks/drives for increased SSD storage working well

For context, currently running a 2011 i5 with 8GB RAM as a Plex box and have a 2016 13” TouchBar MBP (also 8GB RAM) which are both getting long in the tooth, though I more concerned about increasing change of hardware fail on either-both.

Would use the (new to me) mini as a desk top for now, and to replace the i5 when it decides it has had enough.

Not being able to update the OS on my MBP and compatibility issues (forced planned obsolescence with software) with my iPad Pro are more than a little frustrating (will replace with in MacBook Air/Pro likely after the i5 mini is toast).


Hi @avolve. I have had a used M1 Mac mini for the last 2 years & it has been an outstanding machine. I have just upgraded to an M2 Max Mac Studio. I was going to put the Mac mini on eBay next week. Let me know if you are interested. I would rather sell it to someone on here. It has 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD. These Apple Silicon Macs absolutely blow away anything previous. Let me know if you are interested…

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I’m interested. Thanks!