Covid vaccine certificate in Apple Wallet

Yeah. I’ve had mine for ages, but I don’t expect it to be policed much. Been reading in reddit that pubs an clubs are being perused by Police

I understand this, after you see the idiots recording themselves harassing staff for asking to see your proof of vaccination. :frowning:

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The minority of stupid and selfish people of course have to ruin it for the people who have done the right thing.


Have now linked my covid digital certificate to both the Service Victoria and Service NSW apps.

OK! Got it :slight_smile:

If anyone has their certificate in the Wallet app, you might as well delete it as that hasn’t served any purpose. I also recommend you go back into myGov/Medicare and re-link your certificate to your state check-in app as the certificate has most likely been updated. Mine now lists my 2 doses, 1 booster and the dates for each.


If anyone has the Service Victoria app with their covid digital certificate installed, could you please check something for me? As you can see below, the year for my 1st dose is not showing, kind of looks like " 20 Mar 20…" has a space in front.

Does anyone else have a year partially obscured like I do?

All my vaccination dates are shown in full on my 12 Mini.

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