Dead Watch 7

Collected my Watch 7 off its charger only to be presented with a flashing Apple logo.

Went through all the hard reset options, and other online suggests, but no luck, 2-month old watch…dead.

I know its dead as had the same thing happen to my Watch 6! Apple store took one look at that one, and replaced it; suspect that is what will happen at the genius bar booking tomorrow.

Anyone else had this happen with their watch? Is there a fundamental flaw with them?

I’ve had apple watches since series 1 to the current 7 and never had this happen.

Out of interest, do you swim? I swim a lot with it, and wonder if it is as not as water resistant as claimed…

That’s your answer.

I never take my Apple Watch intentionally underwater. Occasional splashes in the sink I’m not worried about but I don’t trust that’s it’s water resistant to be submerged eg while swimming.

Thanks, but it’s designed and advertised to swim with, and that’s what I bought it for!

Update: attended Apple store and they confirmed they see this “occasionally”. I obviously enquired as to possible cause, they say not from getting it wet, and it can be simply occur “at random”. I described what I use it for - ocean swimming 3-4 times pw, and they stated that was fine, and not the cause.
So, who knows.

They were originally going to send it off and arrange a replacement to be posted, but I pressed suggesting can’t they simply exchange it now?

To their credit Genius girl enquired with manager, and they arranged a cancellation of the original purchase, a gift card, and used that to replace it on the spot.

Whilst disappointed in the product failure, great after-sales service from Apple!

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I’ve had a watch die before (battery wouldn’t charge, showed the snake logo). I’ve also seen displays popped out from expanded batteries. But never had water issues. I have worn mine in the shower every day since I got my first Series 0 in 2015 when Tim Cook was quoted as doing the same, and irregularly swim with it on. Have had Series 0 - 6 to date. No issues with water on any, and I must admit I never do the “clear water” thing from the control centre either.

I surf and have snorkelled a few times with my series 3 (cellular). Still kicking on without issue.

I’ve generally had a pretty good run with my Apple devices over the years. Of course YMMV and there are duds.

Another update, now Ive got my new Watch (identical model), its different.

On the previously one the the Crown button was a bit unresponsive from day one. Ie sometimes had to press more than once, and hard. Didn’t think much of it, as thought it was just a bit new-stiff. But it never improved.

The new one is overtly different. Press the crown, it works.

So in hindsight, I think there was a hardware fault from day one, and it was going to fail at some point.

Thought Id share in case anyone experiences something similar.