Decoding Bill Gates


This just popped into my inbox from Netflix…

A 3 part doco on Bill Gates.

For most of my teens Bill Gates was “the enemy” (that pie in the face - such delight), but in reality - I can’t say I know a whole lot about the man.

Think I’d better watch and find out.




His dealings with IBM in the early days is fascinating. IBM made a fatal business decision, without which we would never had heard of Microsoft.

Part way through the series… it’s certainly interesting. A mix of personal life, MS life, and his (and Melinda’s) foundation.

I’m wondering what if any mention of Apple may be made- nothing yet.

Microsoft has sorta become a frenemy I won’t lie to you Satya Nadella (Satya Nadella - Wikipedia) has been doing some good things but I don’t like Gates, I have never liked him and never will. You can’t make up for years of unscrupulous business and low moral ethics simply by giving away money. I will do business with Microsoft despite having an intense dislike for them.

I’ll look this up when I have some spare time.