Desktop files vanish

Today when I started my Mid 2012, MBP 10.13.6 laptop active folders I keep on the Desktop were missing.
Many on-line articles discussed removing them from iCloud, thus somehow, possibly, restoring them to my laptop, restoring from a backup, using Terminal commands etc. and other suggestions I was too terrified to use, I took a different route.
I used the Finder sidebar to open the Desktop folder. All folders were in there but could not be dragged to the ‘real’ desktop. They bounced back. Using File> Copy placed a copy on the Desktop labelled ‘Folder with items’ and using >File>Rename I labelled it with its right name.
What I’d like to know is will they disappear again if I shut down?
I don’t use iCloud and checked to be sure it hadn’t been accidently turned on.

No they didn’t disappear. All’s right with the world, for now.