Disney Plus - Full Screen exiting after episode ends?


Anyone else have this issue? Have a solution?

When I play an episode of a TV show on Disney Plus, using my Mac Mini / Firefox, it exits from full screen mode after the episode ends.

It does then auto play into the next episode - but it doesn’t go back into full screen mode.

This is pretty annoying… having to get up and go fix it after each episode…



I don’t have this exact issue, but I have found it prone to exit full screen without reason. Disney needs to get better at copying Netflix. I didn’t realise how good the latter’s UI was until I signed up to other streaming services.

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My thoughts too.

Getting to the episode list can be hard too.

Yes. And the end of show screen is weird too, it’s like “Well, now we think you should watch this” and the only obvious option is to watch what they recommend.

One thing I have noticed, which might possibly have some relationship to your issue, is that the spacebar toggles whatever you last clicked on. So, if the last thing you did was to fullscreen it, tapping space will take you out. This makes it kind of useless, instead of the stop/start action the spacebar has on Netflix & YouTube.

It’s a poorly designed interface on many levels.

So, I started watching The Orville last night on Safari and this is exactly what happened.


Actually, I said Firefox above, but I think Firefox actually wouldn’t play Disney at all (could look at the shows, but had a black screen when try to play), so I changed to Safari, which gives the full screen issue…

Thats odd, I watch Disney on ATV and ipad, and havent had that occur.

At the end of programs is does reduce the window you are watching to advertise other programs, but the software hasn’t exited ‘full screen’, only that program has.

I agree with others, Netflix is the gold standard, even better than AppleTV+.

Yes - the window “reduces” and shows the next episode count-down… and maybe other suggested shows… and then as soon as it goes into the next episode - exists full screen mode.

The past 1-2 days - it’s also stopped auto playing the next episode. Haven’t investigated that one yet… may just need to re-tick “play next”… But - I certainly didn’t un-tick it…