Effective Ad blocker

I do not know if this is specific to iOS 15 or not, but I have found since the update, that ad blockers which previously worked well, are now letting ads through, willynilly.

So, I’m seeking recommendations. What I have used so far: Adguard, Adgard Pro, Ghostery (the extension not the browser) and Block Bear (which seems like the simplest and which until recently was working really well. No, havent been using them at the same time.


I use Wipr on my iOS devices and Mac and it does the job. Occasionally it behaves like you have said, but when it does I open its app, update the block list, then force quit and reopen Safari and it’s back to working again. Have you tried doing that?

I bought Wipr (it downloaded the latest blocklist) but won’t be subscribing… like every other blocker I have tried, google ads are still showing and so are some others which may be google related or not. I even tried Weblock again, which is probably the most configurable of all I have tried, but nope, google still slips through.

[edit] I’m an idjit! Ghostery has a section which allows denial of particular google sites… and it seems to have worked a treat. Thank goodness.