Foxtel outlets


My new house has Foxtel outlets in a number of locations. I will not be using Foxtel.

Would the outlets all be coming from a central hub, or could they be connected directly to each other?

Could I pick up some ethernet to coax adapters and use the ports to channel my network around the house?

I’ve been trying to read up on whether you’re meant to modify a Foxtel outlet, and have seen some people say that essentially Foxtel own the connection up to your wall outlet, and you’re not allowed to tamper with it.

I’ve also seen the comment that you’ll never get Foxtel / Telstra to come to your house and remove the connection.

So I figure - if I can make use of it, I may as well…



Personally, I wouldn’t bother. Wireless is so good these days that I think you might just be banging your head against a brick wall…

Due to the size of the house I suspect we’ll need a mesh system for wifi…

It’s mainly for Plex that I’d prefer Ethernet - it struggles a bit on wifi.

The new mesh systems look pretty good. Our house isn’t very big so I’ve never had a problem.

I don’t use Plex anymore. I have an app now that just streams video to any of my TVs from my Mac mini. If I want to actually control the Mac while I’m watching, I use Team Viewer on my iPhone.

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As long as the Coax cable doesn’t actually connect to anything outside your house, I’d say it’s fair game. Might mean a climb into the roof or disassembly of a few faceplates to trace where they go.

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There’s at least 3 Foxtel outlets, main point being there’s one upstairs and 2 down, so if they are connected, that could save me needing to wire the house myself.