Home Security Camera - Resetting

G’day everyone,

When we bought this house it came with a sensor light out the front - great - but, there’s also a solar panel connected to a “re@link” camera pointing down the driveway. Looks like this:

I was going to ask how I can go about resetting it so I can use it, especially not knowing if a previous occupant of the house may still have access… But I just found the instructions here:

Soon as I can get to the ladder, I’ll check it out! Hopefully it works and I can get myself a freebie security camera :slight_smile: I mean… you know… as part of the hundreds of thousands of dollars I paid for the house.


Cosmic, the only trick will be it needs to be in range of your 2.4GHz wifi network.
You may need a range extender wired back to your router mounted outside on a gutter for example if its not close to the house, or gets a poor signal due to exterior walls etc.

The Reolink iPhone and Mac apps are pretty good. - The camera should be visible to the app automatically if it’s managed to connect to your wifi network.
But without an NVR or paid cloud storage, you only get what the micro SD card can store.

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Finally checked it out on Sunday. Cleaned the solar panel and camera up (so many spider webs!) and reset the camera.

Works beautifully! Even has a mic and speaker though it’s not exactly smooth conversation but can’t complain for a freebie.

I have one of my Deco UFOs not far from the camera, so the wifi seems aok.

Did some research… had thought maybe I could just pop into JBHiFI and pick up another Reolink device - a doorbell style was my main thought… but they don’t seem to be on bricks and mortar stores.

Some mixed reviews on them, too… although online reviews can be sketchy.

My wife said she’d actually prefer that we get one to cover the back of the house, before worrying about a doorbell. There is a motion sensor light at the front door, so in terms of “security” that at least would potentially put some people off.

Cosmic, Reolink only sell on their own web site.
Keep watch on the prices of your targets, the discounts move almost by the hour !

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