HomePod Mini frustration

I bought a HomePod Mini a couple of weeks ago and generally I’m happy with it.
For a speaker so tiny the sound quality is amazing… BUT (there’s always a but) it won’t stop “configuring” itself.
Both the Apple TV 4K (new) and HomePod are up to date with the latest software 16.3.1. I have reset the HomePod multiple times, removed it from the Home app, re-added it multiple times, left it (for hours and currently …for days) to configure itself and the stupid thing won’t finish the job.

I’ve googled and it seems to be a pretty common problem. I have followed all instructions gleaned from the net and still …“please wait while HomePod is being configured!!!” :rage:

Interestingly the first time I installed it, both the temperature and humidity sensors were showing but with no actual results. All subsequent resets, etc seem to have lost those sensors because they haven’t reappeared since.

Can anyone shed any light on the problem or offer suggestions?
I’m starting to get desperate lol

If you bought it new, take it back to Apple for them to fix/replace. Apple products should not give you stress.

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Yes it was bought new and is the only Apple product I’ve had that didn’t work the way it was supposed to “out of the box”
I don’t like giving up to be honest but it might be time …before I tear out any more hair.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Appreciate it

I had the same thought as Snarl. New product, covered by warranty, should ‘just work’.

If it doesnt, phone Apple, they will either fix it, or confirm it is faulty and replace it.

Good luck!