HomePod - what’s new?

I didn’t even notice until today, but the full size HomePod is back. I couldn’t observe any noticeable differences in this 2nd generation.

Could someone with sharper eyes please enlighten me?

  • Temperature & Humidity sensor.
  • Matter support.
  • Different CPU

Very minor changes overall.
Apparently the temp & humidity sensor are in the homepod mini and that functionality will be enabled in a coming update.

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The Verge reports that there are fewer internal speakers and microphones

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Price seems to be around the same as the original one here in Australia. I thought the reason why the original one was discontinued was because it was too expensive and it wasn’t selling well. Why bring it back at the same price as before?

The original HomePod was $500 and the new one is $479.

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Apple are claiming improved sound quality but… ‘not much difference’ seems closer to the truth.

There is evidently new hardware allowing use with devices from other manufacturers though so that’s something.

And most important of all - they have changed the name of the black (or dark grey) one!

I’m planning - water damage pending- to buy a couple mini home pods for the house… now though I’m back debating a full size one - especially if it might do 3rd party support…

FYI you cannot pair a 1st Gen with a 2nd Gen

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“Why didn’t I get a HomePod 1st Gen again, maybe I’ll consider the 2nd Gen?” I think to myself and then…

$300 US?!
No Bluetooth?
No AUX in?
Need two to get stereo?


If I want to overpay for a brand name and pretty look, I’ll buy more Bose.

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I had the original HomePod & it worked really well but I just didn’t really use it very often. I ended up selling it to help fund my M1 Mac mini.

Yes, first iteration was pointless.

I cant glean from Apple’s website how the new ones will work as a TV soundbar, if you are say, watching Broadcast TV. Wont work I assume? (so again, pointless).

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Our household probably consume not more than a few hours of broadcast tv per year, so - mostly would currently be using an XBox for output. That’s what stopped me going for the first HomePod.

But stereo is a must… so - having 2 of them would be expensive…

Yes, I believe it will only work with Apple TV.

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