I just want to share screenshots, dammit

After a long and exhaustive search (read: 30 seconds of Google), I’ve come to the conclusion that the idea screenshot tool for the Mac just doesn’t exist.

I thought I could stay with Ye Olde Skitch (i.e. version 1.0.12, the one before they went all Evernote-y) forever, but I’ve run into an annoying issue where images exported at “100%” are actually at 200% thanks to the pixel-doubling of the Retina MBP I’m using. It means I either get a huge image and jagged edges when exporting at 100%, or have to downsize the image in Skitch before exporting, adding yet another step to the process.

I came across someone else’s quest for the perfect screenshot tool, but after evaluating the options I’m not convinced they’re any good.

  • TinyGrab could have been good, if it gave me a direct link to my image. Instead, it wants to show ads with my screenshots. Um, no.
  • I actually wouldn’t mind Dropbox if it gave me a direct link to the image, lack of annotation tools aside.
  • GrabBox could be good, if it didn’t remove the original file from your machine. WTF? One of the reasons I love Skitch is because it has a nice, browsable history of all the images I’ve ever uploaded.
  • His own home-baked solution might be decent, if it was a little more user-friendly and worked with FTP. That said, S3 isn’t all that bad.

What I’m looking for in an screenshot sharing tool:

  • Direct link (no ads or other BS)
  • FTP (preferably), otherwise I’d settle for Dropbox or S3
  • (optional) annotations, like Skitch — I rarely use them these days, but they’re still super useful when I have to
  • (optional) resize/editing options, like Skitch

Is there something you’re using for screenshots on the Mac that meets my specific criteria (direct link, FTP, annotation tools are a plus but not required), or am I doomed to use Skitch forever?

Now, to be fair, Skitch isn’t all that bad. Current resizing issue aside, it satisfies all my screenshot/annotation needs at present. But it’s the lesser of many, many evils — while there’s (probably) no perfect screenshot tool for the Mac at the moment, Skitch gets pretty darn close.

I guess I’ll ask the obvious question. Why not the current Skitch? Yes, Evernote did screw it up when they put their branding all over it - but they’ve since backed off most of the dumb changes and it’s still my go-to for annotating.

I also used Droplr for non-annotated grabs because it had the best workflow ever - image page link copied to your clipboard, and that could be turned into a direct image link for embedding just by adding a + to the end. Sadly their pricing is a bit greedy so that’s gone.

I use Glui and it works pretty well.

From their website:

Key features

  1. Capture screenshots or drag and drop existing images.
  2. Annotate with arrow, rectangle, pen, text and pixelate tool.
  3. Instantly upload to Dropbox and get a link to share, or drag/paste image into any other app.

Other features

  • Runs in the menu bar, the dock or both
  • Responsive and clean sharing page
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Quick sharing via email, message, Twitter or Facebook
  • Full upload history via the Finder
  • Enhanced for Retina display Zero clutter

Not current Skitch because: no custom storage (have to use Evernote and get an Evernote URL out), no window screenshots.

Not huge deals in an of themselves, but if I’ve gone this long without signing up for an Evernote account, then I can go a little longer.

@alfrsr: Glui could be good, if it didn’t use a “sharing page”.

The sharing page it uses is Dropbox’s sharing page. You can post the image directly to twitter or Facebook if that’s your jam. I’m generally grabbing screenshots for documentation so the sharing thing isn’t a big deal for me.

i mistakenly hit update all, losing the pre-evernote version of skitch…

Have not found anything that comes close as a replacement.

FWIW you can still grab the non-Evernote’d version of Skitch here.

And this link has all the older versions: https://evernote.s3.amazonaws.com/skitch/mac/release/skitch_release_notes.html

It’s a little less streamlined but why not just use the usual mac screen cap system. Annotate in preview and save in the Dropbox public folder?

From the public folder you get direct links to files. That’s what I’ve always done for screenshots and hosting pics on forums. Plus you have the advantage of being able to incrementally update the files (if you need to) without relinking.

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That’s not a bad idea either; I like the fact you could update the screenshots if you wanted to.

I’m not against Dropbox storage per se, but it’s one of those things that if (in the unlikely scenario, I’ll admit) Dropbox goes under, my links on umpteen different places around the web go as well. Hence the advantage of bring-my-own storage in the form of FTP or S3.

Dropbox is hosted on S3. So best of both worlds? :stuck_out_tongue:

For me, using one’s own storage was a central feature of skitch for me.

Thanks for the link to previous versions @bennyling

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Pull up the Crosshair Snapshot (CMD+Shift+5) then just click on a window.

I agree - Skitch just hasn’t felt the same. I personally think that was one of the worst acquisitions they could’ve had.

Even just annotating sucks - before we used to put arrows on things to point out stuff, now it takes 3-4x as long because the arrow tool selects arrows.

Does that have the ability to run to a custom FTP server or drag and drop to an email/document/folder? One of my favourite features of Skitch is that little tab at the bottom to drag pictures to things.

Oho, now we’re talking:



let us know what you think @bennyling (assuming you have purchased it)

Testing, testing.

Wow - that Anywhere Mouse thing doesn’t look like it’s been updated since what, 10.3 or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

Benny rocks it old school