iCloud and Photos

So I decided to bite the bullet and take 200GB storage on iCloud… and then, I painstakingly (2 days worth) went through all my photos, laboriously deleting duplicates (and trips and quads), and allowed the upload to take place. All good, I thought. Until I activated it on my phone and iPad air… and they both uploaded shit, and now I find that I have all those extra photos back again. I’m terrified witless to see what will happen when I activate the mac mini, and 2010 MacBook. YIKES.

I’m now thinking that I just need to wear it until all uploads are completed and then delete directly in iCloud, and that should then propagate to all other devices. Am I wrong?

I feel your pain. You should have manually copied over your edited photo library to your other devices before trying to sync to the cloud, in my experience. I’m still not confident in cloud syncing. I lost heaps of stuff through DropBox when they stopped supporting the way I had it set up a few years ago. Luckily I had it all backed up but it was still a real pain. I immediately closed my account!

@richard ouch! I think I will just cancel icloud and go back to usin photostream. I do have backups on an external drive but geeez!

I’m not saying you should cancel it. Just be very, very careful…

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I forgot to come back to this. It all worked out in the end. I just let it go and have been from time to time dumping the cruft from iCloud. Just as well, really, I had previously depended on Photostream and now its gone, anyway.

Glad it worked out for you…

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