iiNet removing services - heading to absorption into TPG?


A month or so ago I got an email from iiNet, my ISP, saying that the “ncable” (Neighbourhood Cable) email addresses that I use for myself and my wife, after we joined ncable in 2012 when we moved to Geelong, (which I believe was after iiNet had already bought them out), are being terminated, and we have to take copies of all emails we want to keep before 6 June or they’ll be deleted.

So in the middle of moving house, I’ve also had to deal with trying to figure out who I need to provide a new email address to, and all the fun that entails with automated systems that take hours to send security codes within a 15 minute window etc etc etc.

Now, I’ve received another notice saying that iiNet’s webspace service (a free 1gb worth of space for non commercial websites) has also “reached End of Life” and to take copies of anything I need before 1 August.

I actually only just started using that space as a bit of a test - uploaded the old website that I built 20-odd years ago as I was thinking of getting back into that kinda thing… But it seems iiNet aren’t happy to continue to provide that 1GB of space for its users.

It feels like iiNet are cleaning shop… Are they about to disappear finally into TPG?

Do other ISPs offer webspace to customers? I imagine the event of Facebook has killed the whole “personal website” phenomena… if it even really was a thing. I built my first site back in December 1996 when I first got the Net, but I know “most people” were using sites like errr… MySpace… but I’m sure I wasn’t the only person who had their own spot carved out on the Internet…?



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We try to use third party email (gmail) and other services in order to minimise lock-in by our broadband provider

TPG Telecom operates a number of leading mobile and internet brands including Vodafone, TPG, iiNet, AAPT, Internode, Lebara and felix.

I suspect TPG Telecomm will want to remove any old iiNet-only capabilities so iiNet just sells the standard TPG services. They can then trim down iiNet to minimise costs. Given iiNet sells NBN services at a higher price point than TPG’s own retail arm, they seem to positioning iiNet as their up-market service whilst TPG Retail is positioned as the lower price, bare bones service.

I have always liked iiNet. We were with them for many years for our mobiles and broadband service. We changed to Vodafone for mobiles in 2021 as they offered more data and a great deal for roaming when overseas at a slightly higher cost . We then changed to Vodafone for the NBN as they offered a $10 per month saving if we bundled both mobile and broadband, offsetting most of that higher mobile cost.

Vodafone’s service is not as good as iiNet, but we could tolerate that. I rate their pricing as opaque, their bills as hard to understand, their app as a dog and their overall service as poor.

Then, after two years, they ended a $5/month discount deal on the mobile. A month later they increased the mobile cost by another $5/month and our NBN by $5/month. So now we are paying $180 more per year.

So now I am thinking of changing again. How tedious!

Yeah, I think yourself or someone at least has suggested using someone other than your ISP for email when I was having other email issues… Might well look into that…

I stayed with iiNet this current move because as best as I could tell cable internet was still the best option for Grovedale, as the NBN is not great here. Of course, they forced me onto the new cable plan, $10 more per month… although their retention team did give me I think 2 months free… so - in front for now.

Just all very tedious having to change emails on every forum / etc etc that you visit; all of your everything these days uses your email.

I have just used the Apple Mail app & iCloud for many, many years after having to change from two ISPs email in quick succession. I have an email address from the old iTools & .mac days.

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Mad jealous… lost mine in the move from .Mac to Mobile Me… Had to renew my membership during their little lockout period when they were having troubles moving things around…

As for email addresses, sure I’ve got my address, but I primarily use one of two domain names which set me back about $20/year each. These I currently host DNS with Digital Ocean (costs nothing to do that) and email with Zoho ($2/month per mailbox).

It’s not expensive by a long shot, but it means I own the domain name and can move email services to any provider of my choosing. In fact, I moved one of them (which my mum and dad have an account on) and they didn’t even know it moved.

Trying to convert the rest of the family to a situation like this. [email protected] is great - so easy to remember everyones address, instead of some being [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Couple of bucks a month and you’ll never have to deal with a change of email address ever again.

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You weren’t. I was at it in 1995, and even got some web work out of it as a freelancer. Freelancing didn’t last long in that field.

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Now iiNet are getting rid of ALL emails.

Having just had to migrate away from their ncable address to an iiNet address… suffice to say - pissed off customer, looking at other options.

Unfortunately it seems they are the only cable internet service in Geelong, and “NBN” speeds are a joke…

Its not iiNet, its TPG. Lots of bitching in other forums about it. Internode and Westnet are also affected. Recommendation: stop using an email address provided by your ISP/RSP. And don’t bother with TMC. Its too new and IMO not nearly secure enough.

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Interesting, but no advice yet that our 24 year old ozemail address is about to die though, and it’s been in the iiNet stable for quite awhile.

The Messaging Company - who TPG/etc are suggesting their customers move to - was only setup in July 2023 - it was specifically set up for this purpose, by the look of things.

I had assumed it was some kind of established company. Silly me.

What’s the chances that the owner of TMC is TPG…

I’d be keeping an eye out for an email… Can’t imagine they are going to keep Oze going if they’re closing all of the others.

No, TPG doesnt own TMC. Its owned/run by Atmail, which has been around for a while and that in turn is owned by some international mob. (I wondered the same thing so I did some poking about on whois) It may be that TPG is involved with the international mob but I didn’t pursue any further, got bored.

I’m betting the OzEmail address will die. There’s someone in Choice forums who has an (which was pre and TMC won’t accept that as a transferrable address.

I wouldnt bother though. If you have mails you want/need to keep, I’d suggest forwarding to another service (gmail, outlook, zoho, whatever) and worry later about what you need

Yep, got the comms about all addresses too - this one affecting a community radio station I look after IT for. We’ve been moving everything away from iinet for a little while now. Domain name, website, email hosting have all moved across. Fortunately none of the existing mailboxes are important or going to be affected now.

On the list to go, VoIP (which part of their new PABX arrived today) and internet… The sooner the better I say!

Correct, Ozemail also now going from iinet in September.

There’s been a few media stories covering the end of emails from TPG/iiNet… with a nice quote from the ACCC about not unfairly adjusting a contract. Looking at the Cable internet contract however, I can’t see it mention offering emails… just talks about limiting large attachments yadda yadda.

Anyways - I’ve officially emailed iiNet with a complaint… asking them to hold the execution until 31 December, to give us time to find an alternative, and then contact the massive list of people/services/etc that need to be updated.

Also pointed out how frustrating it was having already been through this when ncable was removed earlier this year.

Not expecting much… though apparently some people who complain have been given 2 months free internet service (ie about $160).

Also got an email today - Free to Air will no longer be offered through the Cable service. I didn’t realise it was… so no huge loss, but - sheesh they are really cutting everything. Maybe they’re going broke.

The only reason I’m not jumping ship is - the NBN can’t compete with the speeds I get… although - I gather most streaming services only need 5mbps or so… and I think most NBN services around here can meet that… sigh although that’s just 1 connection… and we potentially would have the tv, plus 2-3 iPads/etc on the go at once…

Response from iiNet customer service… Basically - “you and I both know this is going to happen, there’s nothing I or my managers can do about it” (ie extending til 31 December).

His advice was - back up your emails just in case… and accept the migration to the new provider, as you at least get 12-ish months to then decide whether to stay or find something else.

In my case - I have 3 different dates for when I need to decide to migrate / when my emails will be turned off, as I’ve received at least 3 different emails to the different email addresses that I operate under iiNet - but they are between 14/9 and 2/10.

In all instances however, I have until 30 November before my emails will be turned off.

Unless the ACCC get involved, nothing’s going to change here… So - time to contact the ACCC… I’ve done so for less. :slight_smile:

Good luck…

Dang… I really don’t envy your situation. Please do consider getting your own domain name and using something like GSuite/Office365/Zoho to host your mail. You’ll have the ability to choose your own destiny then and it really doesn’t cost that much!

Or iCloud…