iMovie Frustration

I was using iMovie last night. I have a (very) small YouTube channel & I was wanting to edit a few videos to upload. I remember using iMovie back in the day when it first came out. You could plug in your video camera via Firewire to download all your clips. It was simple, straight forward & easy to use. I used it, along with iDVD, to make a lot of great discs of my kids growing up.

Then, at some stage, someone decided to completely rewrite it & there was a lot of criticism. They must have not had much to do at Apple & were afraid of losing their job or something. I couldn’t believe it really. It’s the old case of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Anyway, last night was just very frustrating. I have to say that iMovie is the most unintuitive, poorly organised, unnecessarily complicated piece of software I have ever used. I had to do over an hour of watching YouTube to find out how to do stuff I wanted to do. And even then some stuff didn’t work properly. Apple should be doing much better than this!

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Yep. I agree.

Studied film n tv at uni, struggle to use iMovie.

What do you use?

I want to start doing a bit more video. I’m going to buy a better video camera soon. I wish Final Cut Pro had a trial version.

I worked as a Digital Content Producer at a commercial radio station for 3 years. When I started, the guy before me was using Adobe Premier. I tried it, wasn’t a fan so moved the station to Final Cut Pro. Quite literally lived in that program for at least 5 hours a workday.

That said, ask me to drive iMovie and I’m lost.

I learned to use Final Cut 5 when I studied film/tv at Griffith in 2006-07. Used FCP7 for a number of years doing videos for my YouTube channel/s after I graduated… But when FCPX came out, I found it very un-intuitive, so stayed with 7 until reaching - was it High Sierra? At which point it was no longer supported.

Around that time anyways I lost my YouTube account due to my own stupidity (10 strikes in 1 night from Warner Bros…), and stopped doing video stuff.

When my wife has wanted me to help her do video presentations, I’ve used whatever version of Imovie I could get to run on whatever machine it was at the time… and they all suck.

I guess they sort of did to Final Cut Pro X what they had already done to iMovie…

Back when FCPX came out, there was a lot of backlash. FCP had been building marketshare steadily (in terms of actual film/tv production), but anecdotally at least there was a lot of people who were not willing to make the shift.

Apparently, FCP has rebuilt that share and now has around 22% of the market, if this is correct:

Like I said before, it would be nice if they had a trial version. I might download the trial version of Adobe Premier & see what that’s like.

I swear they used to do this, and after a quick Google… Final Cut Pro - Free Trial - Apple (AU)

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Thanks for that. I’ll have a look…

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So Apple have announced that they’ll be doing some work on Final Cut in the near future…

After all this video editing chat, getting my own domain, etc etc, I had the urge to recreate my YouTube channel. Just started uploading the other day… But now I’m going to have to learn how to use FCPX so I can make new content. :slight_smile:

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Give the free trial a go. There’s loads of tutorial videos on YouTube.