IPhone 11 Pro Max not working on Data

I have a IPhone 11 Pro Max that when you go away from WiFi it will not work on Network Data unless you reboot the phone.
I am on Vodafone and have good service.
I asked Vodafone and they said it is a think with this model.
Is this Comon with this model?
How can you fix it?
Does the IPhone 12 Pro Max do this also, if I upgrade?
Thank You

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I have not heard of such an issue before and would expect this to be widely known if such a popular phone suffered from this issue.
I have an iPhone 12 Pro with Optus and do not have this issue for what its worth.
If this was a known incompatibility it should be documented by Vodafone. I would be pushing support for a better resolution. Especially if you procured the phone from them.

Stepping aside from the specific issue, general troubleshooting would be to make sure the phone is fully updated. If the problem persists, the next step would be to backup your phone and then restore it to factory. If the issue persists with a completely stock phone running the latest OS, then you know there is something wrong with the phone or on Vodafone’s side and you would have eliminated any other apps or configurations impacting the issue.
That puts you in a stronger position to push Vodafone support for a resolution.
If a factory reset and update fixes the issue, then there was a misconfiguration, and app causing issues, or a combination.
Note: If you intend to restore the phone to factory settings for testing, make sure you update first, backup second, then restore. Don’t update your phone during troubleshooting until you restore your backups to avoid incompatibilities.

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I have an iPhone 11 also with Vodafone and never had the problem.
Have you checked the settings under Mobile and made sure that Mobile Data is turned on?

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Thank You. Will try.
Vodafone at Kippa Ring Qld did seem to know that should thing was wrong.
Also if the network data does not work, I was told to go into settings and turn on airplane mode and wait 30 sec and turn off again and then the network data works again.
Does work, but I need to do this every time or restart/reboot the phone does the same.

I’d wager there’s an even simpler fix: Settings → General → Reset → Reset Network Settings.

Don’t forget to join back up to your home Wi-Fi after doing that.