iPhone 6 Plus vs iPhone 6s Plus

This really happened in the Apple Store!

I was in the Apple Store about a week ago, thinking about upgrading my 6 Plus to a 6s Plus. The features themselves weren’t compelling enough, but what about speed.

So I set about putting my phone next to a display model, clearing anything in memory on both of them, then going through a raft of tests. ( turning both phones off and restarting, going through the Apple Office apps, photos and anything else I could compare)

Believe it or not my phone was faster in all the tests I ran. Anyway it was at this stage that a Apple floorwalker came up to me and said “Hi, can I help you with anything” I Said “No, not really I am just doing speed comparison tests, and mine is winning hands down”

“Ah” She says, “but these are only demo models” To which I replied, “And”

In a huff she just walked off, saying as she went, “You just keep comparing”

I was absolutely dumfounded.

BTW they were the same ios versions as well.

I would have to assume it’s the same hardware, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there was a special demo version of iOS that did special things showing off stuff to people… Standard set of pre-installed apps etc etc

Mind you I don’t recall the last time I actually looked at a display model!

But… she was a genius. You don’t argue with Einstein.


My 6s Plus is miles faster than my 6 Plus. Don’t know what tests you were running!

Yeah AVC, I have no idea either because I thought that this 6s would eat mine, but it didn’t.

Agreed there’s no comparison between mine either. 6S Plus is faster hands down.

The demo devices run different software to real world devices, that’s a fact, but maybe their OS is crippled by the nature of it? I wonder if it’s possible that the demo devices have cheaper, lower specced hardware too? They’re not really there to show real world examples of device use, they’re there for demonstration purposes.

I’ve just upgraded from 6 to 6s, I’m sure its faster, I know its clearer, brighter and sharper, and the camera is so much better, beyond that, I don’t know.

I find the 6S+ lags very little compared to my 6+, particularly noticeable when using Safari. Also has to refresh less often when reopening apps (and websites) - a result of having double the RAM, I guess.

oh really.
can’t believe this…
anyway it’s a useful information