iView login from appleTV?

With iView shifting to requiring a login, framed as increasing personalisation, is there a way to find the login details from my appleTV iView account (is this an actual iView account?)? There are no account details listed in Keychain on my MBP

I want to ensure synchronisation across devices…

Unrelated, I have ended up with two accounts for SBS OnDemand (appleTV and macOS) and want to avoid this (also have trouble with OnDemand refusing to load due to adblockers (Better is the safari extension I currently use)

On a computer or mobile device, go to https://mylogin.abc.net.au. There are various login options there. If you believe your login was an email address and password, try to reset your password: https://mylogin.abc.net.au/account/index.html#/forgot-password

Otherwise it is possible you linked iView to your Apple ID, a Google account, or your Facebook account. I use iView and SBS On Demand across my Apple TV, desktop and mobile devices. Haven’t had any issues.

Thanks for the reply. To provide more detail, I have used “Sign in with Apple” and have a ‘@privaterelay.applied.com’ email for iView I created on my appleTV.

There is no saved password for the ‘@privaterelay.applied.com’ email in keychain, and I don’t recall one being crated when using ‘Sign in with Apple’ on the appleTV

I have tried to reset my password (twice) though iView, though have not received an email. Might just have to recreate the account on my MacBook Pro and have another try.

Anyone have another suggestion?

Signed up via Apple, gave them pseudonym data. The only thing the ABC needs to know about me is I pay taxes that fund them. They do not need to know anything real about me.

Privacy is one issue, the other is does the account you created enable you to login across multiple devices? It would appear that @avolve has used different/multiple logins and thus does not have Watchlist/History in sync.

I do not have any experience with the Sign In with Apple so probably can’t be of much help here.

I prefer to keep my sign-in separate from any other entity, Apple included. I havent ever used facebook or google for signing in to anything and really can’t see a reason to start using Apple. Fewer issues with stuff like iView, too. You don’t HAVE to give these companies more info about yourself. Just get an email address which allows a lot of aliases and doesnt demand lots of personal info. Mail.com seems to work.

Outlook.com allows aliases too