King Charlie III

Is anyone going to be watching the coronation tonight?

I’m not the sort of person who watches stuff like this, royal weddings and all that… but this is the first time this has happened in most people’s life ime (although I suspect many will see at least one more).

…so I have an alarm set for 7:15 when the main gig kicks off :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, same here. I’m mainly interested in the military pomp…

Couldn’t be bothered, I’ll probably watch a youtube short video of it later one though.

We (wife and I) did watch Queenie’s funeral, at least most of it… which really was just out of curiosity than any sense of dedication or loss.

No interest at all in Charlie however. He should have abdicated, and by not doing so, he’s probably killed the monarchy. The people wont want to be doing this all again in 10 odd years when he dies, and cute prince willy is 50. So then, the only hope will be for William to abdicate, giving the Brits a young hip king who may keep the younger generation vaguely interested.

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It was interesting from a historical point of view. I was born nearly 10 years after the last one & may not be around for the next one.

And I have to disagree about the the monarchy not lasting. I reckon it will go from strength to strength now. I think you are underestimating their popularity & I reckon things might change a bit under Charles.

And who else in the world could put on a parade like that?!? I was just very disappointed that most of the flypast was cancelled. Especially the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

It remains very popular in large parts of Great Britain, much more so than it is in Australia.

Hopefully the last one that anyone in Australia or NZ has to endure. Congrats to John Howard in 1999 for not allowing a simple plebiscite such as “Should Australia become a republic with an Australian head of state?”

I thought it was a fair question. I am a republican but I want a direct elected head of state, if it’s not that then I’m NOT interested and I’m happy to wait until we can get that model.

If the referendum had been worded as you say then I’d have been forced to vote no simply because the government would have cheaped out and gone with their model anyway (and so would most direct elect republicans I suspect).

And no… I’m not talking about a US style president, just an elected replacement for the Govenor General (call him a Judge Advocate General perhaps) and add that election onto one of the senate tickets.

I have to disagree with this. I don’t really care if we are a republic or not (I think we should concentrate on changing our flag first) but I do not want to have to vote for a president. We have way too many politicians in this country already! And that’s what a president would be - another politician. It would cost us way more than what it does now. I have no problem with us moving away from the monarchy but otherwise leave the system as it is. Has anyone ever thought what the states would have to do as far as state governors go? More elections? I shudder when I think of the possibility of ending up with a president like The Donald! For a country the size of ours (population wise) we already have way too many politicians!

I avoided the news all weekend, so as not to hear any of the farcical waste of money, pomp and ceremony.

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I’m ok with agreeing to disagree, we’re a democracy after all and if the question comes up again (and it probably will) we’ll get to vote according to our wishes.

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In short:

It is time to let the monarchy go.

  • They are still looking backwards. Modernise!
  • They need to apologise for being involved in, and benefiting from slavery
  • They should follow the slimming down examples set by every other monarchy in Europe. Give most of the wealth and properties back to the people
  • They should not favour any religion

Lets have a republic

  • The governor-general is currently appointed by the crown on the advice of the government. Given it always follows the advice of the government, let’s just remove the crown’s involvement. Simple
  • So, no need to argue about elected presidents etc
  • Just keep calling the governor-general the governor-general.

However, this is really a much lower priority than many other issues.

To you but not to most ‘direct election’ Republicans, to many of us a non-elected pseudo republic is almost as bad as a monarchy.

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No way I was going to watch the coronation when there was some good Aussie Rules, rugby league and then English soccer on. Priorities.

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