Lights are finally out at MacTalk

Looks like the lights have finally been turned off over at MacTalk. Page isn’t loading…

All those years, gone forever, probably not even saved for prosperity… (Ok - maybe on the Internet Archive)

Kinda sad coming back here and seeing the traffic has slowed to a trickle…


Ah the old days. Good memories, some bad. Will always have a soft spot for it.

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It was always going to happen. The only sign of life was from the people posting and that was not the Macworld mob.

Had dreamt of offering a low-ball number to Niche to buy the site… but it’s not like I could actually run it. Nor have any spare cash lol. (And as I’ve learned, dreaming is my thing; even has a name - maladaptive daydreaming)

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Ahhh yes, originally AppleTalk, then Mactalk. Learnt lots, sold a couple of things, had mostly good experiences.

Meh, I barely remember it now. I mean, I know it was how I ended up here, but it all kinda blends together for me.

End of an era.