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Less game time would be one reason, less game experience would be another, less access to high level coaching would be yet another.

None of that is ‘women specific’ (or women derogatory), it applies to ALL Australian football leagues other than the AFL.

That kind of comparison would be reasonable. The comparison I directly quoted, however, related specifically to gender, not experience/coaching.

It was indeed a completely sexist comment, meant with good intention. EG Hey, they’re a bunch of girls playing! But, look, they’re playing just as well as the men.

Just as my raising the topic was with the best of intentions, as I thought it was about time this happened. (Which I of course then surreptitiously snidely noted the likely lack of interest in the topic, thus hiding it away here in the low content thread.)

I thought someone might enjoy this.

Women’s sport is chronically underfunded, under supported, and under advertised. This leads to a lower quality of junior programmes. Which leads to a lesser quality of play/skill, which leads to lesser interest which leads to… Being chronically underfunded. Return to start.

The (admittedly two week old comment) was not as sexist as one might well think. There is indeed a truism at play, that there is lesser interest in women’s sport. However it is sexism that makes it so. Women are not inherently worse athletes, despite what your overly simplistic biology or health classes may have taught you. The average woman has different strengths (endurance, flexibility, agility) than the average man. But no such person, average woman or average man exists.

I’m a woman and I don’t think an observation that women’s sport is ignored is sexist. I think the reasons women’s sport is ignored is due to a sexist feedback loop.

Is anyone running one of the iOS dev or public betas willing to help me out with something? I’ll just need your mobile number to send a few test SMS messages.

In short something I’ve developed is having an issue and I need to test with something other than my phone.

Just last week I discovered that apps can be deleted from the App Store app, how did I not know this before?

Another thing I wish was possible is being able to automatically download app updates but only for specific apps. Some apps I’d like to know are always up to date, some I’d like to do manually or even decide to delete them.

A thread like this should be stickied so ppl know they can post random things without the need to start a new thread, or as may also occur, people don’t start a new thread because they only have a minor issue or comment.

Next year I will probably be hot-desking (sigh) and may need to transport everything or most things I need with me to and from work, such as various chargers and cables, laptop, iPad, etc. Does anyone already do this and if so, do you have a particular bag or case that you use? Or any other tips or tricks?

Three years ago I hated the idea, now it’s kinda BAU (as sucky as that is).

For me, I work at home as well as in the office so my advice leans in that direction.

My office provides a docking station with USB C interface that will charge my work laptop as well as a couple of screens on each desk. I need to bring anything and everything else.

In the old office location we had lockers to leave stuff in, this was excellent because you could leave a keyboard and mouse (as well as any other cables you might need) in the office. The new office doesn’t but across my team we have managed to grab a shelf/drawer to keep our stuff in, we are lucky enough to be trusting enough (and in a secure building and space just for our division).

I strongly recommend that you have a set of equipment dedicated to work, even if you can’t leave it there, having a bag dedicated to work with all the things you need that you never pilfer from will make a huge quality of life improvement over hunting for stuff every time you move.

Given the dock at work and at home it also means I never have to carry a power adaptor (which means less weight to haul around) unless I know I’m going to some other site where I need power.

If you have to, carrying a keyboard sucks, especially a full size one. If you’re comfortable enough with a reduced size (numpad-less) board like the Magic Keyboard it will make life easier. Bluetooth peripherals are also excellent since they don’t need adaptors.

If you don’t have a dock provided on your hot desk, there are plenty of cheap (unpowered) USB docks which will give you HDMI, USB A and a range of ports. Well worth while since it’s nice and compact and would give you lots of ports and the ability to plug into external displays (or projectors).

The biggest thing I can suggest is getting a good headset for Teams/Skype/Zoom/Phone calls. At home (if you’re by yourself) a cheap analog headset is just fine since there is little or no ambient noise to deal with. If work provides it, that would be ideal, if not you really want to consider buying one yourself anyway.

I’ve talked with people who are using their mobile headsets and you can hear everything around them and it’s a nightmare. Something that covers both ears and provides active noise cancellation is what you really want. It really is night and day difference to other people on the call. Wireless vs wired is up to you, but I much prefer wireless even if it means managing charging.

They aren’t cheap, but I purchased this one for myself:

In the Office we have a Jabra headset of some sort which looks very similar. I plug it in for charging over lunch or when I’m not on a call and I haven’t run out of batteries yet. Bonus that it will work in a wired mode if needs be.

This is the way I do it too. Bag is just ready to go when I need to go to the office. Only thing I need to grab are my AirPods Pro which I use for Zoom calls in the office. At home I just use the webcams mic which is sufficient.

Everything is docked at both work and home. Work dock charges and has a couple of monitors connected up. We also having vending machines at work for any peripherals we need. And there is another vending machine for loan laptops which you can use in a pinch.

Hot desking doesn’t bother me but I rarely go into the office these days.

I tend to check iTunes every Friday to see what the 99c movie of the week is. And sometimes, I find that it’s $2.99 Movie Frenzy week. Check iTunes for discounts on new release rentals.

I don’t know anything about AFL,being a Rugby league fan, but, one reason for the lower-scoring games may well be that women’s hands, almost without exception, are smaller than men’s hands but both play with the same-sized ball. That makes it harder for the women to grip so it would seem that their skill is superior. :grinning: ( Couldn’t resist that.).

I’m thrilled to see women’s sport creating opportunities that didn’t exist for me and my contemporaries. I got to play in high level basketball in Australia then N.A. but it ended abruptly after college level.
Go the Broncos, all of 'em.


If some feel that the AFLW standard is lower than that of the AFLM, it is worth remembering that the men’s game has been professional with buckets of money for decades. Just give the women’s game more time and much more money. Play 17 rounds rather than 10.

The Matilda’s have just shown what time and money can achieve.


My kids were asking why men and women don’t just play sport together. My oldest cited the example of his school putting up a mixed team for soccer at a sports carnival, and winning against male-only teams… though admittedly that was 12-13 year olds…

There are of course sports that do play mixed teams… though they are not common.

Probably not a good idea for mixed contact sports. Serious damage could be done to the women unless the usually, larger, heavier men moderated their playing style which would render the contest non-competitive.

Lawn bowls, no problem.


There’s the increasing awareness of the negative impacts of contact sports on big and burly men (alongside their impacts on those who are not big and burly). CTE is likely the the first of these.

For lower impacts sport like football (soccer) there is a growing awareness of the risk of heading the ball for younger players. In some leagues it is either banned or actively discourage.

On the gender side, teams are mixed in football up until around at 12.