Mac mini bluetooth woes

I have a 3 week old Mac mini M2 Pro. It is a joy to use with my bluetooth Apple keyboard and trackpad. I have recently used my bluetooth headphones with the new computer for the first time and the trackpad instantly becomes jerky, generates random clicks/swipes, disconnects briefly then reconnects. Music through the headphones (BOSE Soundlinks) is fine. Turn off the headphones and the trackpad returns to normal behaviour. I’ve been able to repeat this over several days and computer restarts.

Online investigation indicates this has been a common problem with the most recent Intel Mac Minis and then the M1s so it appears it is the design of the case and the location of the bluetooth module internally. Not something that is likely to be fixed with a software update (or it already would have been).

So my question is - do I hand my unit over to a service centre? There doesn’t seem to be much point as the problem is well known and has not already been fixed with an improved design. Disappointing in an expensive machine.

I guess I will use my headphones plugged in.

Your thoughts as always are most welcome.


Yes there is a long history of this problem.
Such that now (I’m on my 3rd Mini, a M2 Pro) I use Logi Keyboard & mouse with their dongle.
Works fine.

There were lots of reports of Bluetooth issues with the M1 Mac mini. Personally, I haven’t had a problem at all with mine. This is the first I’ve heard of any Bluetooth problems with the M2 version.

No shortage of reports online.

I’ve recently purchased a pair of Alter Lansing Bluetooth earbuds and my Mac Mini M2 Pro has the same problems with them.