Mac Mini M2 v M2 Pro?

Anyone have experience with the M2 Mac mini (8 core CPU) and M2 Pro (10 core CPU)?

Considering if the $450 different is worth it (16G Ram, 512GB SSD). Thx!

I was looking at updating from my 2nd hand M1 Mac mini to a 2nd hand M2 Pro. I was looking at the Pro mainly because of the extra Thunderbolt ports but also for the bit of extra RAM. I couldn’t get one 2nd hand or refurbished and ended up getting a refurb M2 Max Mac Studio.

The M1 Mac mini was a brilliant machine. I never had a problem with it, even doing extensive Photoshop work. I would say only depends what you’ll be using it for or how many Thunderbolt ports you need as to which M2 mini to suggest.