Mac OS Music App

Since I upgraded my MBA '15 to Monterey the Music App has been a mess. The main problem is playlists won’t save. I create a playlist but after starting the MBA the list is gone.
Also there are thousands of .tmp files created. Some downloaded albums won’t appear in the list but appear in the file under Music.
I have scoured all the answers to similar problems but there seems to be no specific answer. I have given up.
Is there an app that I can change to that will give similar features to Music, but without the bugs? Is VLC any good?

You can access Apple Music via a web browser. Useful if you have a sub. (

Been so long since i’ve looked at any local MP3 players outside iTunes or WinAmp (on PC), that I can’t offer much, sorry.

So I created a new user account, copied the my music tracks across and hey presto, Music works like it should without the stupid bugs.
So not really solved, but avoided.
I am perplexed that not uncommon problems occur in Apple computers that can’t be fixed. Surely there must be a remedy. Could there be preference files, or similar, that are corrupted and can be trashed?
All this started when I upgraded from Monterey to Sonoma. Bad move.

Edit: upgrade from High Sierra to Monterey.