Mac Pro 7,1 < M2 MacBookPro


So apparently the new M2 MacBookPro is faster than the base model MP7,1… but Apple have hinted that a M-series Mac Pro is on the way.

Are there any remaining doubters about the M series chips? I know at the time of initial release, there was a lot of skepticism about how it would perform in the “real world”, but I gather now the roadmap is looking pretty solid…

Given the price of the current Mac Pro, and general Apple pricing of late… I really hate to think what is going to happen with the MP8,1. I somehow can’t imagine it being cheaper than the existing MP line up, and if they can set the Mac Studio at $3k - $6k… where is the Mac Pro going to start?! (Ok - maybe still $10k…)

When Apple moved to Intel, I ended up being able to afford a G5 PowerMac, as it pushed the prices down pretty fast. But when people have shelled out $10k just for a base model Intel Mac Pro - I can’t see them dropping in price fast. Even if they are soon heavily superceded, you’d want to try get a good return on investment…