MacOS on the iPad Pro... a dream

As mentioned in today’s Sizzle, the Verges’ Monica Chin wants MacOS on the iPad Pro.

I’ve been begging for this for years, so damn straight I want MacOS on the iPad. It’s probably the only reason my current use case can justify an iPad!
Cellular support for your Mac “laptop” finally!
This would likely drive the refresh cycle for plenty of people up as their 24 month contracts expire and they just upgrade to the new iPad Pro rather than sitting on older MacBook hardware. For us it would likely drive that upgrade cycle even faster as we upgrade devices across the family.

Being iPad Pro only (at least for the moment), it would mean it’s not available to everyone and would probably encourage people to buy the higher specced Pro models for the extra features (something I would consider a real selling point). Any how many more people would at least try MacOS if they could! How many iPad users are Windows users compared to Mac Users?

So yeah, I’m sure there are old threads floating around the internet from me dreaming of an all in one like my old Surface Pro 3… but good :wink:

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My dream machine

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You’re not thinking like the world’s biggest company.

How much revenue does the App store bring in per iOS device?

How much revenue does the App store bring in per MacOS device?

There’s your problem.

How much revenue does it bring in if they buy a 2 in 1 windows machine rather than an iPad and a Mac which is what I ultimately did.
This is the reality they face with a changing market where 2 in 1’s are becoming the norm. Apple can either adapt or they lose market share.