Mail Delete Button

Hey all,
In iOS 13 (in this case on an iPad) the delete button in ‘Mail’ has been removed. The most used button for email I’d suggest!

Now to delete you have to go to either ‘Move’ and find delete, or via the menu options at the bottom right.

But strangely, with some select email the delete button reappears at the top right. Go figure.

Anyone know why? and if there is a way of getting delete button back?

?? I still have a delete button. iPad Air2 nd iOS13.1.2

Yes that’s the same config I’ve got, but no delete button. Only options are Archive, Move, or Write.
But as mentioned on some random emails, the delete button returns.

I that a gmail account? I’ve never had a delete button on mine. Always the archive box, which if you hold/select you get the option to trash.

It’s the Mail App, which has four different email accounts in it.

With iOS 13, the delete button has vanished.

As it’s an inconsistent issue I suspect it’s a bug.

Aha huh! Ok, so for emails to my TPG, Outlook, and Apple, the delete button still appears. For Gmail it doesn’t; which is a change with iOS 13.

Well that’s an annoying change.

I have four different email accounts that I use with the standard Mail app in iPadOS 13.1.2. A delete button is shown when viewing emails for all accounts.

Another way to delete an email is to swipe it left in the list of emails.

Is one of them Gmail? For since iOS 13 it’s only Gmail that the delete button has vanished on both my iPad and iPhone.

Two of them are gmail accounts.

Example from iPhone. Note no delete button

In Yet emails to my gmail account show a button. (This Is what makes technology so interesting)

You seem to have an archive icon which is probably appropriate with gmail

As I said before, I have always had an archive button, which, when held to select, gives the choice of archive or trash. It has always been this way with gmail. Always.


Yeah! Thanks Bennyling! My delete button is back.

Therefore, installing iOS 13 switched that setting over for some reason. Goodness I would have never have found that buried deep in the settings.


Nice. Saves that extra tap! I’ve never had a trashcan there.