Mail rules - what am I doing wrong?

Hello all. I am receiving dozens of spam emails each day - mostly with “Bitcoin” in the heading. I need to review each of these to check that ‘good’ emails haven’t found their way into the junk folder. So I set up a rule to delete any email with the word ‘Bitcoin’ in the subject. Sadly it seem not to work. Am I missing a step?

I find that a lot of spam uses non-standard characters to bypass text based filters like this. Things I would try:

• Send yourself emails with “Bitcoin” in the subject and see if they get picked up. The rules might be case sensitive, so you’ll need at least 2 conditions if so.
• Copy the word out of the subject line of a spam email and put that in the rule, then forward that to yourself and see if it gets clobbered by your rule. You may have to do this a few times with different variants of the word. Don’t guess them. Use the examples you get.
• Think of another condition or conditions that might be met by these messages and try to add that. Mail has “Message is junk mail” and “Message is not addressed to my full name” conditions. Use them in addition to whatever else you’re doing.

Also, don’t set the action to delete until you’re 110% confident in your rule. Much better to set it to move the message to Junk and maybe mark it in some way as well so you can understand the behaviour of your rule.

Thanks soulman. I’ll try your suggestions. Just to clarify - all the bitcoin emails are going into the junk folder already. Each morning it can have 50-100 of them. Easy to miss a legitimate email that has been put there with them. I tried the first suggestion and it didn’t work. I will persevere!


Hmm. If the 1st suggestion doesn’t work then there must be something else going on that’s external to this. I’m not sure exactly what to suggest but I would start experimenting to find a condition that does work on a test email. This gives you a baseline from which you can start changing things, testing as you go, until you get to a point where you either have a working rule that does what you want or you find out where the problem is. Another way to get a baseline might be to adapt an already functioning rule in Mail.

Also, if the spam is already in Junk, then you want the rule to start with “Message is junk mail” and change the previous conditional statement from “any” to “all”. That way it shouldn’t pick up any messages outside your Junk folder.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

I’m making some progress by using some of the From field text. Interestingly the notification from this thread on Appletalk is flagged as junk as well.

Thanks again for your suggestions.

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Without checking, I’d guess that rules are only applied to messages that come into INBOX unless you specify manually for junk messages. I’d guess the SPAM filters are applied before the rules, and thus they are getting missed.

Have you tried something like this?