Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone & a Happy New Year…


And to you :slight_smile:

Sweating it in Horsham for another Christmas…

Stay safe and sensible everyone, get enough food and plenty of rest and relaxation.

Speaking of the weather, I’ve come to the realisation that while I did love the heat when I was younger, as I approach my 50s I definitely prefer the cooler weather these days. The thought of retiring to Tasmania even crossed my mind!

I will finally be changing employment in 2023 after 22 years with the same company, so that will be a little shock to the system. I also hope to move house. And as I have numerous Apple products that are approaching 5-6 years, I’m expecting to throw some money at Tim within the next 12 months.

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Good luck with the new job, and try keep sane during the move. After 10 years renting we are finally back in the housing market - well in 35 days anyways. Already planning a wall-sized bookcase that will include spaces for the TAM, Cube, and iLamp. :slight_smile:

Aussie Christmases I think are mandated to be hot…! Though I do miss the afternoon downpour you’d often get in Darwin. Getting to 36 today… glad there’s a pool.

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Merry Christmas, AppleTalk!

Started the new year with a bout of (man) flu, I think this is the first time I have been sick for 4 years. Have somehow managed to dodge covid so far. Work is quiet so not a bad time to be off, and I have over 1500 hours of accrued personal leave so I think I can afford a few days off. I haven’t even had any alcohol over the festive period, I think that might be where I went wrong.

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