Mission Control navigation annoying me, why CTRL!?

Something which is hugely, hugely bugging me is the fact that I cannot seem to find out how to make Mission Control, when inside of it, let me just move through the available desktops with the arrow keys inside of the menu. This is so intuitive and I can’t imagine there isn’t a way to enable it, but my google-fu and duckduckgo-jitsu have been fruitless.

I have Mission Control set to open with the use of the back button on my mouse, then, what I want to do, is use the arrow keys to cycle between the desktops (not the entire desktops, just the small thumbnail top) and press enter on the one I want that is highlighted.

Linux does this, and I swear it was swiped from macOS (or, well OS X), it seems incredible that I have to add the extra key of pressing CTRL while arrowing AND then return my hand to the mouse to click on the mouse back button to exit Mission Control. Way too much hand movement.

Alternatively, setting it to the scroll wheel instead of CTRL + arrow keys would also be okay. Again, typical of Linux. And even macOS has it with finger swipe on the magic mouse or trackpad. Now, I can’t use the magic mouse anymore for extended periods of time. I have been work from home for a year and a half, and I needed a more ergonomic design which is why I went with a Razer Basilisk. I also have a standing desk set up now.

I work in IT and across Linux and macOS and I kinda just need them to 95% of the time do the same thing with the same keys or buttons. It’s bad enough I have to remember the different fn keyboard set up and option/kana set up between my JIS and US keyboard layouts.

Help me, I’m so tired…

Hey @kionon

System Prefs / Keyboard / Mission Control / Move left a space — click on the keyboard command, and then click the left arrow (to replace “CNTRL LEFT ARROW”. Do the same for Right…

Oh - at least - this just worked for me in Sierra…



Yeah, see the problem with that is Mission Control/Desktop Switching with just the arrow keys in the keyboard shortcuts area is… Then when you are in a document and need to move the cursor back and forth (or even in a text box like this reply!), you can’t do that. I’m looking for a way to enable the arrows alone to navigate desktop switching when inside of Mission Control. Very specific action.

Linux also has workspaces in the menu bar, and if I hover over that menu area (technically “panel element”) I can use the scroll wheel on the mouse. Or I can use it on a random place of open desktop. I know macOS can’t do that, or at least, if it can, I have never found that option, but in the “Misson Control” area (I think it’s called HUD or something similar), I can use the arrow keys to switch without an added key, which I usually do, because I use FN + F3 for this function more than the mouse on both systems to mimic the dedicated Mission Control/F3 button on Apple keyboards, as my HHKB Lite II Mac JIS keyboard doesn’t have dedicated function keys. Less travel to go from pressing right FN + F3 and then arrow. Likewise, with Mission Control activation set to my mouse back button (which macOS did automatically and is super comfortable), travel is pretty small from my mouse to the arrow keys. I might set this button to the same function in Linux.

IN THE MEANTIME, I have set SHIFT + L. Arrow/R. Arrow as the key combination because then at least right SHIFT is just above the arrow keys, so that’s substantially more comfortable. It would be nice if I could set Linux HUD to the same just for muscle memory consistency, but I honestly just wish macOS would “know” when it is in Mission Control and when it is not and allow arrow key only switching only when inside of Mission Control. It seems stupid intuitive to desktop UX generically, and I’m shocked that this hasn’t been implemented. Or indeed wasn’t implemented in what… 10.5? 6? 7? whenever?