Need iPhone 11/Pro info

With the onset of 5G (but not for me) in this area, I’m finding it impossible to make and take calls on my 12Mini which cannot be locked to 3G (I’m on Woolies so no WiFi calling or VoLTE)…I’ve had to revert to my iPhone 7 and with that locked to 3G, calls are just fine.

Here’s the question: Can iPhone 11/Pro be 3G locked?

I have a SIM card that doesn’t support 5G and it roams to 3G. You may be able to get a SIM card locked to 3G? :thinking: Not sure. Sorry!

Interesting… the kids are on Woolworths mobile … but apparently making calls is the devil so they don’t notice just how crap the reception is in our house. The Wife is on Optus and I’m on Telstra so WiFi calling makes everything work like it should.

I was looking at switching to save a few bucks since it would still be “Telstra”… but I really do need that WiFi Calling or it’s a bit of a deal breaker. 5G is also nice in places where it works (ie not here).

Thanks, guys… but the question is about iPhone 11. Does anyone actually still have one?

One of my closest friends has an 11 Pro, I’ll try and check with him.

I do believe it’s a carrier setting thing - that on the 5G models, carriers have removed the option to lock to 3G.

Thanks all, someone in Whirlpool has answered. Seems the 11 is the last that can be locked to 3G. I’m never going to have 5G access here so it will suit me well. I’ll get the Pro, I guess.

Woolworths Mobile have been posting on Whirlpool for a while saying VoLTE (which is what you need to avoid this issue) is coming soon…
Alternatively switching to Boost or Telstra prepaid would probably solve the issue as you’d then have VoLTE and VoWifi.

More info on what these technologies are here:

Thanks. I’m a prolific poster in that same thread, so I’m aware. I now have an Phone11 Pro incoming.

And it has arrived. Very happy with it, except for the 85% battery, but I’ll deal with that when I need to. Not using much until I can get screen protector and back case (both incoming). Its perfect.