New iPhone SE 2020

I think they’ll sell a lot. Personally, I’ve never liked that iPhone size (in either 6/7/8 or X/XS/11 Pro). To me it’s neither small or big enough to work in my hands. But I’m aware I’m not average customer! :slight_smile:

I loved the iPhone 5/5S/SE form factor, and since then I’ve loved the Plus/Max form factor. Similarly don’t love the Xr/11 size as it’s not quite big enough to be comfortable for me while being way too big for one hand.

But I’m sure they’ll sell a ton!

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At the price they’re advertising them I can’t disagree with you.

I actually prefer the Xr/11 size but as you imply people like different size phones, I find the Plus/Max form factor just a bit large for my shortish fingers and the Xr/11 just fits me.

I can see the SO buying one as soon as she can…

The Apple Shop gives an Australian price of $749 for the 64GB model. A good price given the specs. Compared to iPhone 8 it has A13 processor, more camera smarts, sim + esim, quick charging, haptic touch and not 3d touch, and WiFi 6. Best of all given our new mask prone world, it retains Touch ID

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I’ll be preordering. Its a decent upgrade from the iPhone 7, and affordable, finally, for me. Alas, new case required, the 7 is smaller.

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It’s a very nicely specced model with a very nice price point in the range, a very nice option that I’d actually be pretty happy recommending to lots of people. It looks like it has the vast majority of the power and features of the top end models, but cheaper (and smaller).

Makes the XR look like not such a great option, especially when it’s price point ($1049) is getting pretty damn close the to $1,199 iPhone 11.

I do wonder what the ratio of phones outright vs phones a plan are? The point being that it’s only about $6/month more for an 11 vs the older XR on a 24 month plan which I would assume many/most people would set up if given the choice.

At $749, this is the new business issued iPhone for the next couple of years.


Ordered a Red, 64GB (havent gone anywhere close to using 128GB in the current iPhone7) and also have a new case on order because there are fractions of mm difference in size between the 7 and SE. Its not much, but I ordered a new case anyway (Spigen Thin Fit hard case)

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And I really like the new phone. I’m not doing anything different or more with it than I was with the 7, but am pleased with it in that I will be able to get OS updates for a few years longer. The new case wasnt necessary. The cases I had for the 7 all fitted perfectly. Oh well, I’ll send on the one thats a duplicate, when I sell.

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Got one of these yesterday via the JBHifi Deal. Pretty good value!

That’s a pretty nice deal right there, almost worth getting my mother to port in and get an iPhone, although the last one I gave her she never used and stuck with her Android instead :stuck_out_tongue: (devil you know and all).

Hi there I have been thinking about buying a new iPhone SE 2020 for some time now. I have been through the research and find that my existing SE 2016 (the very first) has been very good even though it is a 32 GB model. I have not found the 32 GB storage to be a problem as I don’t use the camera much.
I think the next big thing for mobiles is 5G although it is not due for sometime here in Tassie.
I can wait till the iPhone 12 iterations come out soon to see whether 5G gets a mention.
Otherwise a Telstra SE 2020 is on the horizon soon, as the price is ok with my points discount and I can keep the current plan even although I am well past the anniversary date.
The reason for going with the SE 2020 is due to overall size of my fingers matching the SE.
It is very good specs for the overall price and Telstra is offering lots of accessories now as the SE 2020 is getting on a bit. Colin

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