Office chair suggestions-recommendation

Am looking for a new office chair, and hoping for recommendations-suggestions.

I would love n Herman Miller Aeron, though the budget will not stretch that far. I have kept an eye out for used ones, though they do not come up nearby (and often ask too much)…

Clicked on the topic to say “Aeron”, but understand they are pricey!

I have had mine for 12 years now, and it’s still like new. Which means it was only $100/yr of it’s life. I reckon that’s pretty good given the amount of time I spend sitting in it. :slight_smile:

We recently got these:

Very comfortable! Considering buying one for home.

I’ve been using the Haworth Zody in my last 3 jobs. Love it! So good for my back (I have kyphoscoliosis). It’s a really good alternative to the Herman Miller.

Quick question on sizing. I fall with in the B, though there is a C that has come up locally.

Did you try the other sizes out, and is the difference significant-noticeable?

I am a C personally - I know a few people who find the wrong size uncomfortable though…

Hi, avolve,
I know this is a late reply but I hope my answer will help others,
I was also searched for a chair for my home office on a budget segment and found this on the internet.
And I bought the chair from this website,
Now I’m working comfortably without back pain.