Payments continuing after C/card expired!?


How are we few?

I just wanted to mention this as I’d never seen it before.

I have XBox Game Pass for the kids. Every month MicroSoft deducts $18.95 from my c/card.

Last year I stopped receiving emails from MS because my XBox account uses my old Ncable email addy that was terminated by iiNet. As such, I missed their attempt to tell me that my c/card had expired.

And yet… they’ve continued to debit my card since May 2023 when the old card expired.

Today I finally managed to jump through the hoops to get access to the account, and saw the big red flag saying my card had expired, and was rather confused how they’ve started accessing my new card without me having provided it.

Well, after some googling - I see that apparently the Banks are more than happy to allow companies that have your old, expired card details, to access your new c/card without you providing it!

No idea who thought of this… The “reason” provided is that it is for the benefit of the customer, so they don’t need to go to the hassle of providing new card details all the time to businesses, and continue their services uninterupted… But I dare say there is a LOT of people who look at it like I do - When my c/card expires, it’s a great chance to see what services you may have forgotten about, and no longer need. But now, they just keep taking your money…




$h!t I sound like a conspiracy nut.

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This is a bit of a coincidence as I saw a post just like this on another forum very recently. That poster believed that these companies pay the banks for that information.

By the way, I’m ok. How are you?

Ahhhh well that would make sense as to why the banks would be allowing it - they are making money off it.

I am wondering if it’s an American thing… That is - more so American companies doing it… But haven’t looked into it far enough.

Glad to hear you are ok. My 11yo is on a Scout Camp this long weekend, in 38c weather, in a total fire ban, so their planned meals are all out the window; no idea what they are going to do instead. (But Apollo Bay is a 15 minute drive from the camp site, so - I’m sure they’ll be ok.) But he’s also in a group with a kid who I suspect is an actual sociopath, as he has no impulse control at all - One walked up to my son, right in front of me, and bent his fingers backwards with no provocation… Frequently picks fights with younger kids… So depending how that travels - may be my son’s last Scout camp. Locked in the interest rates late last year, so we’re at least knowing where we stand and not going backwards, but hard to feel confident in spending any ‘extra’ when you know the status quo could change based on say one bad trip to the mechanic, which - my car has started making a grating/grinding noise at 2,000rpm, so… that’s a possibility… But my wife may be moving from 4-day week to 5-day week, so that would be good.


I think it is an American thing.

I remember going on scout camps. It was always fun. But I don’t ever remember going in this heat.