Plex v Jellyfin

I’m a long time Plex user (with a lifetime Plex Pass), though have increasingly become a bit frustrated with offline playing on an iPad Pro — TV shows/movies downloaded to the iPad for watching with no internet connection.

I continue to sporadically experience TV shows/movies refusing to play in airplane mode. If I connect to my phone (wifi) they will start and I can immediately turn airplane mode back one and they continue to play.

I’ve also had broader experiences of shows not downloaded when scheduled/queued, which I am yet to work out why.

In light of this, I am considering giving Jellyfin

Anyone used both, or had experience with Jellyfin?

I will be replacing my aging Mac Mini (plex server) with an Apple Silicon one soonish and was looking at a fresh install as an opportunity time to explore a change.


I am also a Plex user with the lifetime pass. I run mine off a Synology NAS.

I haven’t used Jellyfin but have heard that it is a solid alternative.
However the reviews I have seen have stated it has shortcomings also.
Essentially you’re going to have some issues with either option.
It has been mentioned in a review regarding the issue of downloading media while using Plex. I haven’t had the issue personally, but I may have only done it a couple of times.

If you go down the Jellyfin route, keen to hear your experience after a couple of months.

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Hardware acceleration will come with Jellyfin 10.9, which is not released yet (currently require’s rosetta)

From quick play, whereas it works well (requires a bit more tinkering than Plex, as you might expect), some features are not quite there yet (like Plex in earlier days)

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