Preview and large PDF documents (search)

I have a repeatable issue with a number of PDF documents on iPadOS (Currently 16.6.1).

These are for large PDF documents. One I am reading now is 513 pages. When I attempt to search, i might get a couple results before Preview freezes/crashes.

This is on an iPad Pro 12.9” 5th Generation. I have no issued on my 2017 MBP touch bar (MacOS 12.7 Monterey, 2.9GHz i5 8GB RAM).

Any tips or workarounds? I do like and prefer Preview, and would rather not use a different app if possible…

is this the app?

Actually, I’m guessing not, you’re just opening the PDF from the iPadOS Files app?

Sounds like not an uncommon issue: Files app keeps crashing/reloading file when opening big PDFs

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