Questions about Mac Mini M1

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I just got my first Mac ever, a Mini M1. So far, I’m amazed. I know now what I’ve been missing out on. This thing is crazy fast, got the16 gig ram. It starts in 15 seconds and shuts down in 10 seconds, wow.

I have a few questions and a few observations. Being from the Windows world, I was using the Chrome browser. I downloaded it on the M1 and it is so slow. Safari is twice as fast. Is that normal on a Mac?

I want to be able to single-click everything, as I did on Windows. I’ve researched this and not found if it’s possible. Does anyone know if this can be done on a Mac?

I have my Samsung SSD USB plugged in. When I do that it shows the three volumes drives on the desktop.
Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 9.02.02 am

Can I get it to just show the one main volume? Plus, I tried to rename the drive, there’s no option for this, is this possible? It won’t let me change the icon image either. I tied the drop .icn file onto the icon in Get Info, it does not change, but folders do.

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Welcome to the forums! And good choice on the M1 mini - it’s a powerhouse!

What do you mean here exactly? I don’t quite follow what you’re referring to single clicking?

There’s likely 3 partitions/volumes on that drive. You can right click (enable right click in system preference or hold control key and click for right click) and eject those volumes you don’t want to see. Likewise in Finder → Preferences you can hide external volumes from your desktop entirely (and then you just see them in Finder window sidebars).

Hi John,

I want to be able to single click everything with the mouse and not double click. Is that possible with a Mac?

I will try your other suggestions.


he is referring to opening files with a single click rather than a double click, as can be configured in Windows. I don’t believe macOS has such an option, maybe some third party File app does.

During tech support with my dad, I am always asked - one click or two… maybe the double click is superfluous…?

Interesting - never seen that. As someone who grew up understanding Select/Open it’s always made sense. I do agree that ‘select’ is rare (for rename, mainly!) but the ‘always open with single click’ only works if you mandate a right click and that’s less user friendly IMHO. Making such a change would be too fundamental for Apple to consider I think. I guess if you had always been a ‘right click’ user it’d be ok. :thinking: :man_shrugging:

imagine if you had to always double tap to open in iOS

After research, I’ve found that a single mouse click is not possible on a Mac. One of the reasons I wanted this is I have RSI, which I got from using a mouse.

We can single-click a program in the dock but not the desktop, weird.

Thanks for the help everyone.



Yeah, but on macOS it really is only Finder that has double click. That does give a good idea though… if Finder gave an option to allow single click to open and lonk click (i.e. click and hold) to select / show menu etc. like iOS maybe it’d be passable.

You could right click and choose ‘open’ to avoid having to ‘double click’, and you can also fine tune how long the time between clicks is to register as a double if that helps.

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You could try using a trackpad, that may be better in your situation.
Not cheap I know.

I’ve always found clicking a problem. If I set the click speed to maximum, even if I click as fast as possible it does not open. I have click speed about middle of the range and that works best for me.

I’ll look for alternate products. The mouse that has 4 or 5 buttons may be an option, but I’ve yet to find any info that says you can set a button for single click.

The price of Apple accessories scares me off. They are more than double for the same Windows components, so I’m not giving them any more of my money, besides, from what I’ve read, there’s no way to configure a trackpad for single click to open.

The search goes on. Someone smarter than me will have something.



At least under Mac OS Sierra - yes, the trackpad has no single click option. You can however set it to work on a tap of your finger, instead of a “click” - so less stress involved.

And as for price… yep! I just purchased a 2nd hand Magic Trackpad for about $50, but the latest model new from Apple is $179! Their prices have always been expensive, but things are getting more and more absurd in my opinion. But then - I rarely buy anything new from Apple. In 30-odd years of buying Apple computers, half have been second hand, due simply to their pricing. The good thing is - in general - their quality means second hand is still a good option. Am using an 11yo Mac Pro at the moment, and whilst the Mac Mini you’ve just purchased runs rings around it - it still performs perfectly.

I was shown a workaround for my USB SSD showing up its 3 volumes on the desktop.

I set up an alias for the main USB volume, renamed it and then hide the three volumes in preferences. So now I have one folder with the right name and icon that holds my SSD docs on my desktop.

Still no luck with the single click. Will post if I find a solution.

Cheers, All,