Random Group FaceTime repeated calls

Hi folks

so weird thing started happening last night - around 10:30pm started receiving group fictive calls from a series of numbers I don’t recognise. the group calls has about 10-12 people in them and the calls just kept coming, every few minutes. If I rejected a call from one number, a different number from the group started calling. I eventually switched off the phone and iPad to stop the calls but when I turned them back on this morning I could see they kept coming, right up to 7am.

I am reluctant to switch off FaceTime or take my mobile number off as I use this for work and family but I might have to as it is quite persistent.

I can’t imagine what the point of doing this would be and I didn’t answer it at any point, though was curious!

anyway just thought I’d share, has anyone else here experienced this?

Cheers, Glen

For it to have been so repetitive suggests it wasn’t just a case of someone calling a wrong number…

But for them to be using Facetime is interesting!

I’d have put some tape on the cameras and answered to see what happened. Don’t think it could hurt…

My wife gets a lot of scam callers on her mobile… I don’t get enough - I like to play sometimes.

Can you block all the numbers?