Repair Q: 2017 MBP with Touchbar

Hi All,

My 2017 MBPO (Touchbar) batter is in pretty poor shape, including the ‘service’ message.

I mostly use this plugged into power, so its not that crucial an issue, though I do occasionally use it away from power and it has limited mite/battery capacity.

I’ve repaired more than a few machines in my time, tough it has been a many years.

My overarching Q related to the left speaker, which died — very crackly — many years ago and I have it muted). Is. It work replacing this at the same time.

My plan is to keep using this laptop until it completely gives up (environmental reasons) as it is capable of doing what I need.


Worth it? If you want to keep using it and enjoying the experience: probably. But it’s likely you’ll never recoup what you spent, if that’s the “worth” you are considering. I had to think about this when I was gifted a basic 2012 i7 15” and it had minimal RAM, a dying battery and a H/D instead of SSD. I knew I would not recoup the money if later I decided to sell it, but it sure has made it a pleasant machine to use :slight_smile:

Yeah, give it a go…